Why KG

When there are 100s of companies to choose from, one would require a strong reason to choose one particular company over others. At KG Tech, we believe, it’s our responsibility to make you understand how we are different from the competitiors. Please continue reading.

We would like to point out some of the best reasons which has always been our strength.

The ultimate goal of us is to- Lead our clients to the profitable way updated with all the new online platforms and effectively reaching the customers or making the customers reach us.

We Listen: This is basically a simple thing to listen you and providing work according to your requirement. But this is also the top most problem that clients face. While gathering the requirement from the client(you), companies listen and promise you to deliver the requirement exactly. But most of the companies are not fulfilling their promise as the person who handles the client is different from the person who works on the project. The main reason for this is the miscommunication between the client handling person to the project manager to the team lead to the project executive i.e., coder, seo optimizer, etc., We solved this issue by making the same person to work as a client handler and also the team lead. This, at the end of the project, would make the biggest difference between us and the other companies.

Professional Work: We ensure that all the work we do is not just perfect for the human eyes, but for crawlers and validators too. To brief, most of the websites or seo work, if you see, will look perfect, but only when Google crawler is not able to reach it or validators show 100s of errors, would you understand that the site is not perfect. As we are doing UI, UX & Functionality testing in all our projects, we ensure that your website or seo work will look perfectly same- in and out.

Affordable Pricing: Although we spend time dedicatedly for your project work, our quotations will be the most affordable one considering the effort and hours we put on all our projects.

Timely Project Delivery: Adding to our ‘We Listen’ pointer, we also would like to point out that we maintain a strict delivery management process, that is, if you are said your project will be delivered on 3rd march 2014, it will be 100% delivered on 3rd march and not one or two days later.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction: By listening to your requirements carefully and understanding it clearly, doing all your work professionally within accepted budget and delivering it on the right time, our only Goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with us and we’ll die hard to make sure about that.