Small Business Web Design Mistakes

I came across a wonderful infographic from that beautifully displays the small business web design mistakes that owners make when they take up the web designing work in their own hands. In this tech age, it’s more important than anything else to have an online presence. It will make or break your business. You may be a giant business or a small business who starts only with few pennies, it doesn’t matter for the end customers.

All that they care is if a business is present on the place where they are willing to buy from, for ex: an user may buy products/services from mobile or tablet or desktop depends on his/her location and comfort. With having a poorly looking, not customized and NOT-responsive website, you are losing your customers to your competitors.  And every single customer you lose is a gain to your competitors. Moreover, once customers are used to a comfortable buying and seen trust, they will keep purchasing more in the same website. Even if you don’t sell services online, still you need to present online to share your business details, address maps, etc., See the below infographic which is from

Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design Mistakes


Author: Karthic Gurnani

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