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Imagine your backlinks as customers of some famous retail store & understand SEO better.

Let me tell you why I wanted to use some famous store as an example. Retail stores are the places where people comes to buy something and why they buy something is because they like it, because they want it, because they need it, because they have money and because they want to exchange it with something they find worthy for, but NOT because they are paid by stores to create a show as the store is crowded.

And for an even easier understanding, let’s keep that some big store as Walmart.

Now you know how big the Walmart is. Imagine going into their store and looking around to see their customers. Just observe at variety in their color, their size, their dress, their expressions, their product selection approach, their wallet size, their family, their average time in store, etc., Now do they all represent any particular pattern? are they all in same pink dress? are they all same in size? their face structure, their attitude, does it all look same? And what if they all look same in every aspect, what you’ll assume them to be? you’ll think either you are in some strange place as only you’ll be different or assume them all to be robots. Yes, the robots, now when even a normal mind like ours thinks the pattern reflects a plan and so it all must be robots, what will the Best Mind in the World- Google, think? Beikng a robot themselves will just shoot them all down or they just vacate Walmart immediately and blacklist them as a place where they will never check in future.

Anyway, because Walmart is NOT paying people to be their customers, they all naturally look different from one another and nobody is going to fire them or blacklist them. So to create a store like Walmart- read their customers’ looks, sizes, shapes, interests, where they come from, etc., It will help you to see the variety and bring in the customers with such a variation. Having such a variety is the secret to make Google believe you are getting customers naturally and not paying them. And yes, it’s going to cost you dearer now than ever. Why? earlier you used to bring people from drama-troops who are readily avaiable and charges low-cost as that’s their only means to survive. It was easy to bring them quickly, pay them low and instruct them in a way as you want them to be and they are all acting according to your requirement, but the problem? it’s very clear that they are actors and Google is not interested in your shows. So the scenario right now is to ditch those actors and bring real crowd, you can do this either by creating a quality collections(content) and wait for them to arrive or just hire an agent who is much experienced in hiring real customers for your tasks.

Well, why did I write this article? I thought it will be useful and easy to understand, rather if you think it made the tasks even more complicated, i’m so sorry :(

No time to read this article? it’s just that “Break the patterns in link building”.

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