PPC Faqs

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC(Pay Per Click) is an advertising method where an advertiser will be charged only when their ad is clicked. PPC or CPC(Cost Per Click) is a famous advertisement method as it allows the advertiser to reach the highly targeted narrowed down audience and so only their targeted audience will see the ads

What’s the difference between SEO & PPC ads?

SEO is an organic advertising method. That is, we do not pay Google to rank our website at the top, rather we optimize our website according to the terms and policies of Google and let them see our website as a quality one and so our website will be shown whenever people search our keywords. On the other hand, PPC is all about paying Google for every click their user makes or for every 1000 views for our ad. But the result in PPC will be immediate and one do not have to wait for Google to review the site completely, although Google will review their ads and related page and website to ensure it’s not in their banned list of categories.

I heard that PPC can be done by anyone, so why do I need to hire your company?

Well, although it’s true that anyone can do PPC, if it is not done rightly, you’ll be either spending 5-10 times more money on Google rather than a professional PPC expert will spend behalf of you or you’ll get your ad banned. As Google is one all over the world, their rules are rock strict and prices varies heavily, so it’s very much required to ensure that you are hiring an expert who could help you to save a tons of money on Google rather than letting you spend lavishly. There are some metrics by Google i.e., Google quality score, past ad reports, present ad content quality, keywords researched and utilized, target audience, landing page analysis, landing page rules, etc,. which all have to be analyzed regularly to keep the cost of clicks low.

Are results measurable?

Yes, very much. You’ll be provided with a report that includes conversion metrics, user’s behaviour through ads, ad quality, keywords used, etc., If needed, we can also use 3rd party tools to see as many information as possible.

What if I don’t get clicks?

You’ll have to pay only for the clicks made, else you do NOT required to pay. There are various ways to verify it if you require, we can of course teach you all those ways while partnering with you.

So how can I proceed further?

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