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Online Reputation Management- ORM:

Your reputation matters. More than a billion individual and business names are Googled everyday, either by your potential customers, friends or recruiters. And you have no control over Google about what to show or what not to show. And most of the time, customers use negative queries to see if company has any complaints. For ex: A person who is looking to buy a home from ABC Ltd, research through Google and along with many queries, he’ll also use queries like ‘ABC Ltd complaints’, ‘ABC Ltd does many reviews’, etc., Hence, it becomes utmost important to have reputation management work done consistently to ensure that your bad reviews are removed or atleast pulled down to the last pages where it’s not seen by the users and to have positive reviews at top of the Google which gives company the required positive traction through Google.

Detailed Competitors’ Research:

Internet is full of data. Curious to know how much business are your competitors making, how many visitors are your competitors getting, keywords strategy that your competitors use to get traffic? Get them all and more. With all the researched data about your competitors and the users, you’d know for certain about your business’ results, strategy to get more sales, etc.,

If you are not researching about your comeptitors, they are researching about your business anyway. It’s better to be ahead, To know how to proceed further, please contact us.

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