link building 2014

Imagine your backlinks as customers of some famous retail store & understand SEO better.

Let me tell you why I wanted to use some famous store as an example. Retail stores are the places where people comes to buy something and why they buy something is because they like it, because they want it, because they need it, because they have money and because they want to exchange it […]

Small Business Web Design Mistakes

I came across a wonderful infographic from that beautifully displays the small business web design mistakes that owners make when they take up the web designing work in their own hands. In this tech age, it’s more important than anything else to have an online presence. It will make or break your business. You […]

local seo for local business

SEO – what is it all about and why is it necessary for a business?

The internet is considered to be a wonderful medium that helps people to connect to each other and also in getting information on anything and everything. With more and more people across the globe, getting hooked to the web, entrepreneurs in huge numbers has been trying to reach them with their products and services. However, […]

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